Oct 27, 2008

Catching Up

OK so we finally got Internet and now I can post a few highlights from the past few months. This has been our third month of marriage and aside from being crazy in love I have discovered a few new things...
First that I have married into a Harley Family.

Second that I married into a horse riding family

One of our most recent horseback riding miss-happs occurred when Derek,Craig, and I went for a ride up in Oakley. On our way up the trail we stopped to let the horses rest and the next thing I know Craig is saying that something his biting him. It was then that we realized we had stopped over a Yellow Jacket nest underground. Poor Craig and Sobe got the worst of it with about ten bee stings each. I scraped by with two and Derek made it out safe and sound. Which is good since he is allergic.

As of now Halloween is just around the corner so we are just enjoying the view as we experience our first fall together.