May 23, 2012

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

This is Porter's best friend in the whole wide world Dezi! They are a month apart so they are sharing their 1 year birthday together, which is going to be fabulous! My sister in law and I had such visions of grandeur for their birthday party invitations. The two cutest boys in the world smashing up cake with the biggest, gummiest, cakiest grins. I imagined they would be laughing back and forth at one another, and maybe even sampling each other's cake.  Instead all we saw was hysterical tears! We couldn't help but crack up ourselves through out the entire process. Picture number three sums up their distress. If you blow it up you can see soft little tears on both of their cheeks. Silly boys.

May 10, 2012

Front Porch living

It's a little happy/sad over here on Hollywood Ave. We put our house up for sale Easter weekend and within a few weeks we thankfully had offers. Now everything has gone through and it is safe to say we sold our home.
Home is such a loaded word. With all the memories, smells, tastes, and hard work that goes into them it becomes harder than you think to say goodbye.
 Hollywood Ave was mine and Derek's first home together. It is where 'we' started four years ago.
Most of all we will miss Porter's sun porch. He climbs from furniture piece to furniture piece commanding the neighborhood from his domain. Yelling at all the passersby and waving fondly at anyone who dares make eye contact. He sneakily sidles up to our potted plant- when we've stopped paying close attention- to grab as much dirt as those little hands can hold to shove in as much dirt as that little mouth can hold.
It's a small front porch but it can hold Porter's whole world