Dec 28, 2011

All is Merry and Bright

In case you were wondering we were all really good this year . . . Boo Boo is always a little questionsable though with his sneaky sneaky snacking. . .

Merry Christmas everyone

Dec 19, 2011

Santa Baby

We went to the Santa Shack around the corner from us so the 'bugs' could meet Jolly ole' St. Nick for the first time. He was pretty intrigued by the red suite and the majority of his pictures were of the back of his head. He tried with all his might to turn around and look at Santa. We pulled out all the stops to get that kid to look at the camera . . . goofy boy

Dec 15, 2011

Nov 27, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving up at the Diamond Fork cabin with my family. It was great food, weather, and company what more is there to say :)

It wouldn't be right if I didn't say the things that I am grateful for this Thanksgiving so in no particular order here are my top things

My marriage
My 'handsome boy'
My Health
Cafe Rio
Sunday Dinner
. . . and my soon to be new iPod player from Anthropology-hint hint Derek!

Nov 19, 2011

Madi's Bridal Shower

 My little sister Madi is getting married next month so my older sister and I decided to throw her a bridal shower in good sisterly fashion. I don't want to toot my own horn but . . . well I guess that's what this post is pretty much about, me throwing a super cute shower . . . If only I had done a better job taking pictures of it. There were drinks, and guests, and presents, I swear

Older sis made this banner

The invitation . . . if you were so lucky . . .

Spa party favor table

                                                                                The cute Bride herself opening her Ooo la-la's


   Each guest filled out a little advice for the bride to be

This is my ebay section! I LOVE ebay and I was able to score this 1950's Bride Bingo game for $3

      And thanks to ebay all her guests were able to stylishly enjoy their meal on their vintage snacks trays!                                                                                           I love these - Sigh 
While I am at it I should thank the D.I for all their picture frames that I spent days collecting. I spray painted them white and with chalkboard paint for place-cards . . . food cards? My mind is drawing a blank on the word

At the end of the event  the bugs was being a little fussy so Cito and my mom said they would take him. I can hear him from the other room fussing away then -SILENCE- I yell, "what are you guys doing in there" and my mom's timid voice replies, "Nothing . . ." I go running in and bugs is as content as can be CHOMPING up a sugar cookie! Leave to it to Grannie Annie and Cito to start him on sweets right away, I am pretty sure that's what she did to all of us kids and that's why we were all sooooo spastic as kids (see family videos for further A.D.D proof). 

Nov 17, 2011


Derek dusted off the old fog machines (4 of them) and so our Hallows Eve began on a foggy night......

Ok really it was a crystal clear night and because 4 smoke machines (more is more) create so much -well smoke -our neighbor came running over thinking something was on fire :)

We had a great Halloween trick or treating with the "Bugs" and also having a small get to together with some close friends. I think Pinterest should sponsor me, my whole party came from them.

                                                                 Shrunken Apple head cider  

Oh ya and the "Bugs" turned 5 months a few days before Halloween... Next week he will be 6 months so I'll post on that for sure. Well . . . kinda for sure . . . who knows if I actually will these days so I am going to say that I intend to and it will probably be a couple weeks late . . .

Nov 7, 2011


. . .  I like you

Happy be-lated Halloween

Oct 24, 2011

City Boy

'Bugs' you spent last week in NYC enjoying the view and shopping up a storm with mamma. We learned about stranger danger because every person in EVERY store, metro, or restaurant would try and touch you-eek! You're so cute that I can hardly blame them-well almost. Needless to say I think you adjusted to city life very well and enjoyed getting gussied up every day to go out in public. Today you seemed really bored now that we are back to our quiet Utah lives where you don't even make it out of your p.j's in a day

Oct 15, 2011

4 Months

You are almost 5 months and I am just getting around to posting your 4 month update! We have several nick names going for you "Bugs" Bug-a Boo", "PB&J", and "Portskee" so you probably won't realize what your real name is for a while down the road.

You are still only 11.5 lBS. That puts you in the  10% for weight and height, but that head of yours is in the 50% percentile. Around our house we call it a 5-head not a 4-head, but I am sure you got lots of smarts in there.

You are now wiggling and rolling around.  You can no longer be left unattended on high surfaces and have become an expert at rolling around to watch me move around the house. You are getting the idea of putting the binki in your mouth yourself- I would say 5 out of 10 times I hand it to you you successfully put it in the Kisser :) You are definitely a vocal kid and have taken to growling.  So, now you sit on your matt and growl up at the ceiling kind of like a baby possessed.

The biggest new change is the DROOL! It is everywhere now and so frequent that I don't even bother to wipe baby spit off me anymore. I pretty much rub it in like some expensive moisturizer.  Me and your dad have become those tainted parents that we swore we would never become! We both wipe big blobs of slobber off your face with our hands and simply wipe the spit back on ourselves. Kinda makes me cringe even thinking about it but we love your slobbery 5-head face to itty bitty baby bits-slobbery kisses and all.