Nov 27, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving up at the Diamond Fork cabin with my family. It was great food, weather, and company what more is there to say :)

It wouldn't be right if I didn't say the things that I am grateful for this Thanksgiving so in no particular order here are my top things

My marriage
My 'handsome boy'
My Health
Cafe Rio
Sunday Dinner
. . . and my soon to be new iPod player from Anthropology-hint hint Derek!


Sandie Tillotson said...

We missed you in NY ..but so glad you made good use of the Diamond Fork cabin. Beautiful setting for great food and family fun!

Meg said...

U r right, marvelous blessings all around!!! Love the... hint, hint. Hope he figures that one out. Happy Thanksgiving...soon to be Merry Christmas.

river review said...

hA HA BETTER come through derick