Feb 13, 2013

Boy or Girl?

We went to fetal photo today and discovered the gender of our new baby!!!
Any guesses as to what we are having?

Feb 9, 2013

The Art of Makin' a Baby

I know it has been months of in-activity on here. I really struggle with the concept of blogging. A part of me feels like it gives me a voice that other networking sites can't- on a more personal level.  At the same time I feel like it is a drain on what little time I have (well not the way I blog) and that there are more productive less distracting ways of documenting my memories. Like the good old fashioned pen and paper. Does anyone else have this issue in the blog world? To blog or not to blog that is the question...

I looked through my past posts and found some of my pregnancy posts with Porter. I was able to assemble those thoughts into a book that I hope he will enjoy later on in life. The posts were really rich and personal to me and it has led me to this post.

I am pregnant with baby #2 and decided to blog this pregnancy as well. There is no pressure to continue the blog after the baby is born but I found for my first pregnancy it was therapeutic, rewarding, and the most consistent writings I have of that time. So, baby #2 will get the same love and book of memories.

The pregnancy may be news to some of you so here are a few of the questions people always want to know

Pregnancy Stats: 

Due Date: August 10th

How far along: 14 weeks

How big is baby:Size of a Lemon

Gender: Won't know until March

I am glad to be in my 2nd trimester. I've been really sick with this baby. I'm talking zombie won't get out of bed or shower sick. So, it is nice to feel good enough to get ready again and not look . . . well dead. I am prepared to be totally impressed with the stretching of my belly again and I am anxious to see how Porter will react to my growing belly. I've already closed my ears to all those people who are so quick to remind you of how little sleep you will get, the vomit, and all the other impending thoughts of a new baby. The people that mean the most are those who have reacted with immediate happiness about how wonderful it is to be a parent. Because it is WONDERFUL and personal. I know that one persons favorite part of the job can be the most difficult aspect for another parent. It has changed me in many ways and I am ready and excited for another added change in my life.

Here is an ultra sound clip we took with an iPhone at 12 weeks. It was only the 2nd time we had seen his/her little self.