Feb 17, 2010

Need a Good Dog Sitter?

We just wanted to post an online review of River Knight's Dog Sitting Business.
We recently employed River's services in watching our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Deja and we were extremely satisfied with the provided service!

River and his cohort Diesel went to great lengths to ensure Deja's puppy comfort while maintaining a positive and professional puppy attitude.
Deja remarked, "At first I was a bit nervous to be left with total strangers but the Knight's hospitality quickly made me feel at home in this motley crew."

Vander is an essential member of the puppy watching team. He supplied Deja with little snacks and puppy treats scattered throughout the house like manna from heaven.

River's dog watching company is backed by the strong support of his mother and father.
Alisha is quoted in saying, "I just can't get enough of my canine friends!!! If Jed would let me, I'd fill the house with these furry little guys."

Jed lovingly wears his hair long and feathery to fill part of Alisha's puppy void.

In closing Deja wanted to be quoted in saying, "I want to thank the Knight Family for providing this service to the general public and at only five dollars a day who can say no!?"

Please contact River Knight for all your puppy watching needs

Feb 12, 2010


We spent this last week kicking around the water in Akumal, Mexico at Half Moon Bay and let me just say when you wake up to an ocean view every morning you really begin to wonder why you chose to live in such a cold and snowy place...
My dad and his wife Kate invited us to go and nothing sounded better than a warm get away with great company!

We spent the majority of our time in the water. We went on about four Scuba dive trips. Two dives in Cozumel, one night dive in Akumal, and a Cenote dive.

I get cold really easily in the water so while Derek would wear a shorty diving I would wear a shorty under my full body wet suit! In the picture above I was going diving in a Cenote (fresh water caves) and they are really cold so I put on an arctic suit complete with a head cover and had the warmest dive of my life! Which means it was absolutely wonderful!!

We also saw a lot of sea life

Trumpet fish in the Yalku

Foreign Fish in the Yalku

Great White!?
Oh no it's just Derek who is Great and looking pretty White underwater

To bad you can't see that my entire body is 100% goosebumps! Not that the water isn't a pleasant 80 degrees, I am just weak sauce.

There were a lot of turtles in the bay in front of where we were staying

This is a 4.5 ft barracuda that I swam up on in some coral formations, me and the fish startled each other half to death. Derek kept trying to get me to swim next to it for scale but there was no way I was going near that thing seeing as it was almost longer than me and those teeth look so menacing!

The view at Tulum

My dad nicely offset by the crystal blue water backdrop

Derek and I testing out the waters of Tulum

There were hundreds of Iguanas everywhere we turned that seemed perfectly posed for photos

My dad ordering food, now for him the only essential words he needs to know in Spanish are as follows Coca, Langosta, and Zucaritas

Derek took us all out sailing on a catamaran one day

My dad was a little nervous about the whole thing

everyone else enjoyed it...
well except for when the boom came flying across hitting Kate and me in the head

Thanks Dad and Kate for the memories and adventures!
We love you XOX