Feb 17, 2010

Need a Good Dog Sitter?

We just wanted to post an online review of River Knight's Dog Sitting Business.
We recently employed River's services in watching our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Deja and we were extremely satisfied with the provided service!

River and his cohort Diesel went to great lengths to ensure Deja's puppy comfort while maintaining a positive and professional puppy attitude.
Deja remarked, "At first I was a bit nervous to be left with total strangers but the Knight's hospitality quickly made me feel at home in this motley crew."

Vander is an essential member of the puppy watching team. He supplied Deja with little snacks and puppy treats scattered throughout the house like manna from heaven.

River's dog watching company is backed by the strong support of his mother and father.
Alisha is quoted in saying, "I just can't get enough of my canine friends!!! If Jed would let me, I'd fill the house with these furry little guys."

Jed lovingly wears his hair long and feathery to fill part of Alisha's puppy void.

In closing Deja wanted to be quoted in saying, "I want to thank the Knight Family for providing this service to the general public and at only five dollars a day who can say no!?"

Please contact River Knight for all your puppy watching needs


Lyle and Mary: said...

Cute post...kind of makes me wish I had a dog to drop off on them for a few days :)
And I only have one word for your trip to Mexico...JEALOUS.

ALISHA JOY said...

DYING!!!! So funny! You forgot to mention how we lost Deja for most of a day and how we needed to bring in Bocci and Sobbi before she would actually come inside on her own powers. LOVE the photo of Jed and his blond puppy counterpart!

ALISHA JOY said...

From River: Hey Derek, when am I going to get paid for all this so called good Puppy watching business??

Sandie Tillotson said...

funny stuff...maybe Jed should post the photo of his doggy counter part on his face book page. Glad Deja had a good time !

Anonymous said...

O my goodness! Dont be suprised if i find random straydogs and i bring them to your door step since buisness is so good.... Tell river they are hiring at the kennel!

DD said...

I think Daisy would love the care and attention there,,,,,,, thanks for the lead, and thanks River for taking this on! What an entrepreneur!
good PR straight from the pups jowls!