May 27, 2010

I gotta see a man... about a horse

The latest news here is Derek and Matt decided to Cowboy Up and get horses. They are two female 2 year old horses who are Zarah and the other is not quite named yet (so let me hear your best horse names).

This paint is the "Horse with no Name..."

This is Shae -transformed into the horse whisperer- training Zarah

As the training continues I will be sure to post any highlights as we saddle and ride them through out the summer!

May 19, 2010

A Pirate's Life

We spent this past week tanning in 80 degree weather with family and friends at the Cove-I dare say summer is officially here-FINALLY!
Here be exactly what a Pirate's Life entails...

Here is the nature segment of our trip. We caught two rattle snakes, Chukka-wallas, and spotted a humming birds nest with two teeny tiny eggs in it!

We ventured out one evening into Vegas and we experienced Fremont Street for the first time!

Not sure what Derek did to get those mardi gras beads...

We spent 3 days out on the lake in 65 degree water and double wet suites

Thanks Craig for lettin' us enjoy a Pirate's Life! No better way t' kick off summer!
I'm shovin' off