Feb 17, 2012

à la plage

It took 6 days for Porter not to burst into tears at the feel of sand

I hate the wind- I dare say with a passion

Mother moment of the year when I forgot an extra pair of clothes -therefor Porter did the whole hour and half tour at Pearl Harbor sans pants. 

We enjoyed a little family beach time last week on Oahu. Like always we ran ourselves ragged hiking, biking, swimming, paddling, surfing, ect, ect... so, I don't even know why we call it a vacation. I always end up being more exhausted and I am always sore from so much activity that really it's the exact opposite of the idleness that word vacation conjures.  However, this high spirited vacationing brings me the greatest enjoyments in my life.  And its the #1 way that I would choose to be with my loved ones. 

Tu Tu your readiness to be so hospitable creates lasting memories for us, and the time together strengthens us as a family. We love you!