Jun 18, 2010

Euro trip 2010

Now that summer is here, and Derek doesn't have to be in school, we went for 15 days traveling through Eastern Europe arriving first in Prague...

Prague, Czech Republic

Before we left we decided to make it an adventure by staying in Hostels! We thought it would cut costs and it seemed like the European thing to do. So, we arrive in Prague and head to our hostel. After lugging our suitcases up 7 flights of creaky stairs we realized that the ceiling became lower and lower the higher we climbed so that by the time we got to our room . . .

We soon realized that Hostels are now a thing of the past for us so we lugged our suitcases back down stairs and checked into a Hotel, not Hostel.

While roaming the beautiful city we came across an Avon Convention, go figure.

We spent one day touring the city and decided to go to the Jewish Cemetery. This was a very unique experience. For some background, during WW2 all the Jews in the city where rounded up and put in ghettos and where not allowed to leave. There was a lot of disease, people, and death and as a result the cemetery became so full they began stacking graves 12 deep one on top of the other.

I loved the architecture and doors of Prague! It was the most beautiful city we had ever been too. Maybe someday when we build our dream home I can have an entrance door like these!

This was the tastiest thing I have ever eaten! I became obsessed and kept going back for more.

Taking the Train to Austria

Next we went into Austria with its breath taking landscapes.

Veinna, Austria

Eating my tasty Heibel Leiban-OK my spelling is probably way off on that one

Kielstein, Germany
Eagles Nest

We crossed the border into Germany to go see the Eagle's Nest which is a cabin/Chalet specifically built for Hitler on his 50th Birthday as a retreat.

The food wasn't all that great but it was situated in the German Alps so the view was spectacular!

This is our cute B and B we stayed at in Germany

Budapest, Hungary

Our whole reason for coming on this trip was for the Nu Skin Success Olympics in Budapest.
Before we got down to buisness we were able to a little site seeing.

The Sucess Olympics was one of the best Nu Skin events I have honestly ever attended. Hungarians have such great energy and are such fun loving people. At the event people had blow horns, whistles, they were standing on their chairs dancing. It was like being at a sports game and we loved every minute of it!

Father and son spieling a crowd of 3,000 people

At the charity auction event Derek and Craig put their ties in and they sold for 1,100 Euros.

On our last day there it was Derek's Birthday so everyone in the stadium stood and sang Happy Birthday to Derek. It was a perfect way to end our adventure.