Jan 28, 2012

8 Months

Bug you are now 8 months old! Before I know it I am going to have to start planning your 1 year Birthday! (Who are we kidding I've already started and it is going to be fabulous)!

You have changed sooo much and I feel like my baby days are numbered until you will be a crazy wild toddler. I don't want to forget the highlights as we go so here you are at 8 months.

You are creeping along on your belly and it is officially your first method of getting around on your own! I think you would like to skip this step and go straight to walking but we all know what the books say about those babies... so you my friend are going to crawl first.
You look like you are a soldier wounded in battle on his last leg of life when you crawl but hey we still think your baby coordination far out weighs all the others :)

You love to stand and hold onto furniture- in most scenarios you are holding on for dear life

It's safe to say you have entered the land of bumps and falls and unfortunately that head of yours is hard to gage and it ends up taking quite a bonking throughout the day

Now that you scoot around we have to be careful what we leave on the ground by you. For example dad left a pile of shoes out and in no time flat you had scooted over to them and were vigorously sucking the life out of the BOTTOM of one. I may have shrieked out loud

You now have baby conversation going and have taken to saying 'dadda' and on the rarest of occasions 'mamma'

I will be going on a girls trip to NYC next month and it will be my first time spending days away from you! I am one of those mothers that will need to read the section in those baby books on 'How to Handle My Worries About Leaving My Baby for the First time'

You started sleeping through the night at 5 months and it has made a WORLD of difference! 

You like to be read to before bed. It is one of the only times you will sit still on my lap, no wiggles, just a cuddly boy and it's what I live for. Especially on some of the longer days.

Dad and I spend most of our time talking about how handsome you are. Whether you are awake, asleep, or right next to us- you pretty much consume us!

Jan 24, 2012

Blades of Glory

One of Derek's Christmas presents was 12 prepaid and planned out dates for a year. I got the idea from Pinterest. So, basically at the beginning of each month he gets to open a manilla folder and see what the date is. Then we pick a day that works best that month and away we go. 

Our first date was a gift card to Lamb's Cafe down town, then ice skating around the corner at the Galivan. The $$$ was for the babysitter. Now not all the dates are with cheap-o coupons :) some are expensive so I figure it counter balances the whole thing . . . plus the point is to spend time together more than to spend money right!?

Jan 5, 2012

New Years came on the bubble

The 'bugs' entered the New Year with his new found love for BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES.
He is weighing in at 13.5 pounds and 24 inches tall . . . meaning that he is no where on the charts . . . oh except that noggin which is still somewhere close to the 50% mark 

Derek and I agreed that the 'bugs' was the best part of this past year and that in 2012 our family will now take root. We decided we will spend and lend ourselves to this new family this coming year, and  before we could get into any details on what exactly that means - as in resolutions for this new year - we fell asleep. 

I am digging 2012 already


 'bugs' for the longest time you looked like your mama but I got to be honest you are turning into a spittin' image of your old man these days.  Here is to a new year and a new look that is all your dads