Mar 17, 2009

A Happy St. Patricks Day

This morning started out as a typical day, with green crepes to dress up the breakfast festivities of St. Patricks Day (note the artistic creations above) and it has ended as a day that we will always celebrate as the birthday of "UN-Named Baby Knight".  Alisha had her baby today giving us a new nephew for the Holiday!!!  Might I add that he is absolutely adorable!

This is his upside down photo  

Here is Mom and her new baby!

Mar 9, 2009

Snow Caving

This was quite the weekend of extremes. We flew out to Pirate's Cove for the first part of the week were we lounged by the pool in 70 degree weather before we returned home to go on our second annual snow caving/snow shoeing adventure. I have to say this year was definitely more enjoyable than last years adventure with my broken collar bone.

Of course we had the ultimate in fires since the fire hazard was relatively low. People were able to unfreeze their clothes and other parts....

Of course what happens in a snow cave...goes right to the blog

Mar 7, 2009

Gallery Stroll

I have a series of oil paintings that I did called "Bare Bones" that are showing in a Gallery this month (You can see two of the paintings from the outside window in the picture above). I married into this skull and cross bone family and I guess it is starting to take shape in my life as well.  So, I thought I would blog the paintings for those of you who will not make it out to see them in person, sorry for the glare in some of the shots.
The address  to the place is 2160 South Highland Dr.