Jul 24, 2009

Wedded Bliss

Here it is our 1 year anniversary! It all feels so new and I am still getting use to the beauty of a constant companionship. All year I kept surprising myself at how much I love Derek in the odd moments. Whether I was sitting next to him on a smelly plane, staring up at Le Tour Eiffel, eating hagas, putting his laundry away, scootering through Santorini, or eating sharma in Istanbul, I just want him to know that

YOU are the best part of every experience.


Jul 6, 2009

4th of July

The 4th of July is easily one of our favorite holidays! We celebrate it every year at the BarB Ranch (Sandie's home away from home) in Promise, Oregon. In good old fashioned rodeo style we spent 4 days competing in some stiff competition for the coveted BarB Ranch Belt Buckle. I am telling you blood, sweat, and tears goes into winning one of these!

The days are broken up into different events; Carnival Day, Lake Day, and Rodeo Day
Derek and Matt won the rowing competition this year securing themselves belt buckles early on in the games, lucky....

This is a big shout out to Sandie for hosting the best 4th of July ever!!! You have such a big heart and we are grateful to have a piece of it, We Love You!

Rodeo day is summed up in two words Athletic Event. I am serious you almost need to spend all year training for it. There are several events on this day but here are a few highlights. Below is Derek and me doing the rider re-lay race

Below is the ever so entertaining cash cow. This poor cow is plastered with various bills-there were $100's- and let loose into a coral of shopper friendly women

This is the mechanical bull riding competition. Derek is flashing the camera some leg oooo-la-la

There are also several children's events like mutton busting, sac races, etc... however, we don't have kids so I failed to capture many of these events. I did still catch a nephew here and there

Below are the local spectators

One of my favorite events is the barrel racing! Unfortunately I knocked over the 2nd barrel so I was out for the Belt Buckle win

Check out Trina's form! She never ceases to amaze

This is the latest and greatest BarB Ranch apparel in girls and boys style T's

This is Derek and me doing the Hide Race. The 4 Wheeler driver (Derek) has to race down to one end of the arena turn around a barrel without knocking it over then the rider (me) has to jump onto the cow hide that is being drug behind it and hold on as they race back to the other end for the finish. I am proud to say we had the fastest time and that meant I got myself a Belt Buckle!!!

Check out the bling!

What's the 4th without fireworks? We paddled out onto the floating green for a spectacular fireworks show to end another amazing 4th of July.

Nothing can bring a family closer together than the 4th of July and having to share a four wheeler