Jan 19, 2011

Road Trip

According to my BabyBump App I am officially in what is known as the honeymoon period of my pregnancy. Which I guess means that I am feeling really good and I am not super huge yet so it is recommended that couples take a trip during this period kind of as a last hoorah!
So, we road tripped it to L.A for the Nu SKin kick off this last week then spent a few more days at the Cove. I am not the best road warrior but for whatever reason I really enjoyed being in the car. It was nice just being with Derek, my pile of movies, and cooler full of snacks and crafts.

We stayed at the Marriott and got upgraded to a suite which over looked the Nokia theatre and L.A Convention Center woot-woot !

The weather was wonderfully sunny and what's even better I was able to spend a day with my sister shopping and eating- my two favs.

Now I mentioned that I brought crafts to do in the car well I really only did one craft and that was knit a bunch of baby booties! I must be nesting...

Next we got a little more fun in the sun at Pirates Cove where I lazily lounged in the pool like a mini beached whale while Derek was very frustrated at the fact that he brought his new kite (a Christmas present) to fly thinking there is always some wind this time of year but much to my pleasure and his displeasure it was as calm as can be. He did get some good practice in on setting the giant thing up though

Derek liked that it looks like he is shooting my belly

Jan 10, 2011

Holidays continued...

The next part of the Holidays that comes up is my Birthday! I thought I'd put in a belly shot, not that there is much to show Birthday week but oh well.

Now no offense to my parents but having a December birthday is sorta lame. So to all you future parents out there try your best to plan on not having a kid-O during this month they'll thank you for it. Enough of me whining because Derek did make my day fabulous! Since this is our last year-well my last year without having kids until...well I die- he tried to make it as stress free and as much about me as possible. Between our fabulous lunch at the St. Regis, a day at the spa, and having a small friend gathering in Park City complete with my favorite marzipan cake my day was perfect from start to finish! Thanks Derek for taking the time to make the day so WONDERFUL!

Christmas and New Years were absolute BLASTS and of course we forgot our camera for both occasions so you will just have to take my word for it. :) But for Christmas we were able to spend time with both of our families which requires a lot of running around but it is always worth it to get to spend time with everyone! This year Derek and I really didn't want anything so we ended up getting each other baby gear! Which I loved! Hence the Harley Davidson baby shirt.

For New Years we kicked if off up in Oakley with family and friends but the best way to bring in the New Year was the fact that we got to have another ultra sound and see the baby again! We were relieved to see that he is a healthy baby boy! And to make it better they forgot to start the DVD player so we get another FREE ultra sound in a couple weeks so we get our DVD! They even took some 3-D photos which I posted below of the baby... now not everyone loves ultra sound shots so I am just going to warn you that all the photos from here on out are exactly that :) Starting with the slightly inappropriate "boy shot"

These are the 3D photos- maybe a little creepy

Jan 5, 2011


I know the Holidays are over but I am still going to try and blog it. So let's start with Thanksgiving with the family in NYC

As always we did a lot of walking around town and Central Park

Alisha got a little into walking sometimes. . .

Tutu and the grand kids geocaching in the Park

Of course we enjoyed the Macy's Day Parade as it sailed by Thanksgiving morning

June and I got cold so we sat in the hotel lobby and enjoyed hot coco as the parade passed

Everyone dressed up to eat dinner! We went around the table so that everyone could say what they are thankful for and I don't know if it's the fact that I am pregnant or what but I was crying through almost the whole thing!

Of course there where plenty of antics that happened in the apartment. One being Derek making parachutes to send out the window. Below they are trying to get back up an unsuccessful parachute that landed on the deck below.

Best of all we were together and no one got hurt while crossing the street!
Happy Thanksgiving