Jan 5, 2011


I know the Holidays are over but I am still going to try and blog it. So let's start with Thanksgiving with the family in NYC

As always we did a lot of walking around town and Central Park

Alisha got a little into walking sometimes. . .

Tutu and the grand kids geocaching in the Park

Of course we enjoyed the Macy's Day Parade as it sailed by Thanksgiving morning

June and I got cold so we sat in the hotel lobby and enjoyed hot coco as the parade passed

Everyone dressed up to eat dinner! We went around the table so that everyone could say what they are thankful for and I don't know if it's the fact that I am pregnant or what but I was crying through almost the whole thing!

Of course there where plenty of antics that happened in the apartment. One being Derek making parachutes to send out the window. Below they are trying to get back up an unsuccessful parachute that landed on the deck below.

Best of all we were together and no one got hurt while crossing the street!
Happy Thanksgiving


Alisha and River said...

Derek! I never got your photos!! I NEED THEM!!! ASAP! They already missed getting into the blog book which breaks my heat. KENZIE!!! What is that terrible pic of me walking with Diesel. I have 16 chins and I look mentally challenged. I was cracking up at that pic of all of us jay walking. hahaha! Great blog!

Sandie Tillotson said...

I need those photos too..so glad you documented our Thanksgiving in NYC...but now Alisha and I need a flashdrive of photos. Hard to believe that next year there will be another little Tillotson joining the ranks!

Alisha and River said...

Thank you for taking down my mutant photo. I take back all the bad things I thought about you in my time of published photo horror.


Wait the only picture you have is of my butt?????