Jan 19, 2010

Catch a Wave

The other night a group of the cousins were able to go over to the Roney's house to try out their acclaimed artificial wave! It was one of the coolest things Derek and I have tried out-aside from being a little sore the next day- we all agreed that this is a quality investment!

There were a number of outstanding falls, which were probably more fun to watch then actually being out there on the wave. Oh and ladies a one piece is recommended because that thing will and I mean WILL rip your bathing suit off!

This is one of my super girly attempts at surfing...

Jan 11, 2010

Brady's Wedding

After the New Year our family had some big changes happen. My Grandmother (Mom's Mother) passed away the same week that my older brother got married. We had a wedding one day and a funeral the next.
Both are rights of passages, marking new stages of progression for our family and it made the beginning of the new year bitter sweet.
Back in high school I lost a best friend due to an accident and I learned from that experience that in death you aren't losing someone you are simply passing them on to someone or something else and you learn and feel that they are still there it's just... different.
So, I want to start off my first blog of the year with my brothers wedding which I have no doubt that my grandmother attended. Now without further ado here they are Mr. and Mrs. Brady Daniels married January 5, 2010 at Le Jardin

I now have two darling nieces Allison and Mckayla. They were perfect flower girls and ring bearers' at the wedding.

My Grandfather and me getting ready to hit the dance floor.

Mckayla standing next to the cake

My mom signing the marriage certificate

All the girls; mothers, sisters, nieces, and new sister-in-laws

Here is a shout out from your sisters Brady and Audra,

CONGRATULATIONS! We Love You Muchos! Now go be happy