Feb 22, 2009

Celine Dion

There is no better girls night out than second row tickets to Celine Dion. Whether you are a fan or not she certainly knows how to perform and who can resist a show with several costume changes?

This outfit could possibly be a blinging BarB Ranch outfit

This is for all you Titanic fans!

I think in the end the fans always sum it up best. Here is a die hard fan that sang every song, even the ones he did not know the words too. He may want to take a few French lessons for next time.

Feb 18, 2009

Pirate O'Love

For valentine's weekend we went on a couples trip down to Pirates Cove for some sun and pool time.

One of our best Christmas gifts this year was a camera that can go underwater, perfect for adventures at the Cove. So all of our pictures are underwater snapshots of what goes on at the Cove along with some videos for all of you who missed riding the water slides with us this weekend.

Valentine's night Derek and thanks to Sandie, were able to spend an amazing evening seeing the show LoVe at the Mirage. It was an incredible show and perfect for the holiday, thanks again Sandie for the great evening.

Here is one last video of Derek being the athlete that he is as he jumps from the top mast a height of 52ft!

This video is Derek jumping while holding the camera and could be bad for those who get motion sickness.

Happy Valentines!