Sep 30, 2011

Pinteresting Post

Ok I have officially become addicted to Pinterest!
Instead of spending hours and hours surfing the Internet for crafts I go to this handy dandy website and find crafts galore!!!
Now my hours of Internet time have turned into hours of craft time!
Thank you Pinterest for making my life craft-tastic!

Iron on Onsies for Porter's 4 month photo shoot

New craft holder for some magnificent doilies, ribbons, and clips

spooctacular Halloween plates

A chunky knit blanket for the holiday season

and there is more to come -oh much much more!

Sep 25, 2011

4 Generations

We drove down to Fillmore 'Bugs' so you could meet your great grandpa Joe whose father was Porter- which is where you got your name from.

We were driving back mid afternoon and I remember reflecting on how life cycles us back to the beginning. Seeing you as a new born so in-experienced, next to grandpa Joe who has all the wisdom that a grandfather should, I realized how similar you two were in your essential qualities. For the next twenty minutes or so I was rambling on in my mind on what I am sure were all these insightful thoughts but the sound of Derek's cell phone brought me back to consciousness. I looked around and I saw Derek driving and you asleep in the back seat and just felt that the family unit is the most perfect organization ever created. From the very oldest to the very youngest member.

Sep 12, 2011

Growing Up

Someone is getting bigger! Pictures taken 6.1.2011 and 9.12.2011

Sep 8, 2011

Memorial weekend

Memorial weekend was spent at the fabulous BarB where we caught snakes, rode horses, and checked out the progress on the runway that is going in! Family is simply the best and we are so grateful to live close enough to enjoy it all. Thanks Tu Tu for the fun!