Aug 8, 2012


Washington how I love thee so let me count the ways!
I Love your beaches
Love your horses and wildlife
but most of all 

The long beach peninsula is home to the worlds longest garage sale so, you can imagine that there they garage sale with style! I have very few action pictures because while Derek was on a horse my sister in law and I were at a Garage sale.
Thanks Papa C for sharing your beloved Washington and love for a good sale with us :)

The festival Sandsations was in town the week we were there so we got see some world class sandcastles.

To show off a few of our many garage sale treasures here is my vintage $3 trunk 

And a score (a score only according to her :0) by Lori Sheranian is this 1950's doll we lovingly call Tina.
Tina loves to show up in your shower, around the corner of  four wheeling trails, in the middle of a dark rode at night, or lurking in stairwells... She was a little creepy but note in the pictures how she somehow manages to be everywhere . . .

Jul 25, 2012

4 years and counting

This year was tagged as our year of firsts. We experienced first breaths, first full night sleeps, first giggles, first walks, first tooth, first trips, and first holidays. It has been a humbling and rewarding year with all of the new challenges and memories we created. To kick off year 5 we spent the night up in Park City. Thank's to Derek's cousin Matt and his wife Rashae we were able to go sans the bug. In the morning we went on a hot air balloon ride to end this extraordinary year.
I am in the process of making a quick video clip of this past year...if I get around to finishing it I will post it :)

Forgive the grainy photos...we forgot a real camera so had to document the best we could via iPhone


Jul 22, 2012

Bar B 4th of July

We celebrated our annual trip to the Bar B Ranch 4th of July! First off I must give credit where credit is due- I didn't take any of these pictures! They were all taken by the very fabulous Toni Sorensen. I had surgery a week before the trip so I wasn't doing much of anything but sitting around. I was to lazy to even pick up a camera and take a shot from where I was sitting. Don't worry the surgery went great and I am sporting a new look . . . just kidding  . . . the only new thing I am sporting from the surgery is a new nick name OvaryOneKanovary :)

The Bar B was a Boy and Girl Scout jamboree this year! They had a pinewood Derby race, soap box car race, paint ball competitions, along with the usual mutton busting, canoeing, skeet shooting, horse riding -Ok I could list events all day. I honestly feel like this should be on Oprah's Favorite things because if she knew about it, it would be her top favorite. We love our Tu Tu and appreciate all the hard work she and her ranch hands put into giving us all so many wonderful memories year after year. This is the stuff dreams are made of folks.

This is the bunk house where all 230 guests came for grub morning and night

Note Derek's giant gash on his head from a paint ball injury

C-Papa all outfitted for paintball battle

Lake Day

Pheonix muttin busting

Zip line across the lake


Pine wood Derby race

Jul 11, 2012

1 year Milk and Cookies Party


To kick off our summer we celebrated Porter and his best friend (and cousin) Desi's 1 year birthday!
They go together like milk and cookies and I can't wait to watch these two grow up. I think that his mom and I have already pretty much planned out their summer camps, sports, and trips that they will do. So, it feels fitting that they celebrated their first birthdays together, since we plan on them having many big firsts together. 
Porter I am so proud of how much you've grown in a year. Your accomplishments feel like mine so I would say I've had a very successful year! You seriously melt me right down to the center of my soul (as aunt Alisha would say). 

Hugs and Cookies,