Jul 22, 2012

Bar B 4th of July

We celebrated our annual trip to the Bar B Ranch 4th of July! First off I must give credit where credit is due- I didn't take any of these pictures! They were all taken by the very fabulous Toni Sorensen. I had surgery a week before the trip so I wasn't doing much of anything but sitting around. I was to lazy to even pick up a camera and take a shot from where I was sitting. Don't worry the surgery went great and I am sporting a new look . . . just kidding  . . . the only new thing I am sporting from the surgery is a new nick name OvaryOneKanovary :)

The Bar B was a Boy and Girl Scout jamboree this year! They had a pinewood Derby race, soap box car race, paint ball competitions, along with the usual mutton busting, canoeing, skeet shooting, horse riding -Ok I could list events all day. I honestly feel like this should be on Oprah's Favorite things because if she knew about it, it would be her top favorite. We love our Tu Tu and appreciate all the hard work she and her ranch hands put into giving us all so many wonderful memories year after year. This is the stuff dreams are made of folks.

This is the bunk house where all 230 guests came for grub morning and night

Note Derek's giant gash on his head from a paint ball injury

C-Papa all outfitted for paintball battle

Lake Day

Pheonix muttin busting

Zip line across the lake


Pine wood Derby race


Sandie Tillotson said...

Fabulous synopsis of the Bar B 4th...thanks for blogging it Kenzie!

Shawn and Nina Olsen said...

Love all the pictures! I hope you're feeling well what a crappy thing to go through, good thing we have two ovaries. Lol. Your little guy is too cute and I just die at those birthday cake pics with Desmond! Ha!