Jul 11, 2012

1 year Milk and Cookies Party


To kick off our summer we celebrated Porter and his best friend (and cousin) Desi's 1 year birthday!
They go together like milk and cookies and I can't wait to watch these two grow up. I think that his mom and I have already pretty much planned out their summer camps, sports, and trips that they will do. So, it feels fitting that they celebrated their first birthdays together, since we plan on them having many big firsts together. 
Porter I am so proud of how much you've grown in a year. Your accomplishments feel like mine so I would say I've had a very successful year! You seriously melt me right down to the center of my soul (as aunt Alisha would say). 

Hugs and Cookies,


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Krista Lowe said...

cutest one year old party i have ever been to!