Nov 1, 2008

NuSkin Convention

Convention came and went during the weekend of Oct. 21-25th
The whole weekend was amazing from the speakers to the release of the new product Age Lock! However, I decided to show some  of our weekend highlights.

For this convention Derek and I were Diamonds and got the red carpet treatment!

One of our favorites during convention is the Nourish the Children Dinner as well as charitable auction. All I have to say is Kenton is the man he ended up biding on almost every item for the charitable cause.
The next highlight of convention this year was the Saturday night concert with the Goo Goo Dolls. You can vaguely see them in the background. After the show we were able to meet the band and in true fan style get our photo taken with them.


 I know everyone is just waiting to know what Derek and I came up with this year for our Halloween costumes so I will not keep you in suspense any longer...

Check out the roller derby couple pulling out all the Disco stops.

Our entire evening was spent at Sandie's home, who can throw a party like none other.