Mar 22, 2012


I had to post two versions of this pic so you can see how hard it is to take a picture with 7 squirmy kids! Even when you are shooting pictures on Sports mode they are wiggling in between every second.

A lot of beach racing occurred this trip

Fighting over the truck...

Here is TuTu who can amazingly host a house full of people along with watch gaggles of little pitter pattering feet running all around.  Thanks for the fun memories and newly made family videos that we can watch years down the road when another rainy day occurs.

Mar 15, 2012


I wasn't able to load the video straight to my blog but click on the link below to see our family's progress.
9 month old Porter just found out that our breakfast nook is a jungle gym!!

Mar 2, 2012


Well the wittle man and I just got back from St. George with a fun group of mommies. My cousin who came is a blogger as well,  and since I am a little lazy about blogging-especially now that I've seen hers (which she did a great job documenting).  I figure I'll just direct you to "it". Assuming you are interested in a bunch of moms hanging out with their wee ones... maybe you are more interested in seeing the wee ones with big gummy grins!