Aug 30, 2011

A case of the giggles

PB&J you started to giggle this past week and it melts my heart to hear! The first time it happened it was honestly like Christmas morning- Now this little video probably won't melt any one else's heart and after watching it one may wonder why I even posted it at all, but the new mother in me loves being able to experience all of your firsts with you! Suddenly the smallest things are the most miraculous and I am convinced that everything you do You Do better than other babies, or sooner, or smoother, or with more intent, or or or I am just crazy about you so I hype up everything you do! But I Love that you think I am funny and now laugh at our games.

Folks you'll have to ignore my annoying baby voice and noises in the video what can I say this kid makes me whacko


Aug 25, 2011


Summer fun in Washington this past week!

Look WHOOO is driving! Long story short there was an un-conscious owl that was picked up and then it actually woke up!

He flew off into the night! Hoot Hoot!

Aug 16, 2011

Meet George Jetson

I often plop the Bugs in his mamma-roo for some good cartoon time. The other day I saw the Jetson's on the guide and, fondly remembering that as my childhood cartoon, I put it on. Now I am in the other room and happen to tune in and I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I had to laugh then wonder how impressionable a 3 month old baby is?

Since it gave me such a chuckle I figure I should pass it on. Sorry about the quality it was done on an iPhone. Turn up the volume nice and loud so you can hear his words of wisdom :-)

Aug 9, 2011

Bug-a-boo at 11 weeks

Bug-a-boo is 11 weeks so I thought I would give a little re-cap of his past few weeks!

 He was blessed this last Sunday and Derek did a fabulous job as did the bugs. There was no crying even though he was WIDE awake during the whole thing and he sure looks charming in his white tux.

These past weeks have been great! You now interact with us so much and I feel like my baby slug is slowly disappearing. You now smile at us all the time and try -sometimes in frustration- to talk to us when we talk to you. At six weeks you realized that you didn't have to stand for tummy time any more and started to roll from belly to back. Sometimes though instead of flipping off your belly you just give in and take a snooze. Bath time you still scream and turn into a lobster baby. You sleep pretty good at night and last night you slept the whole night! You were out from 9-7. Hallelujah chorus rang out as I woke up this morning. You are now in the 5th percentile for weight/height (weighed in at 9 lbs 9 oz) but your noggin is in the 40th! You get that giant head from your dad. You favor sleeping on your left side and as a result you are starting to get a flat head. The pediatrician took one look at your head and read you like a book! So now we are rotating you like a rotisserie chicken. Also, you are on your way to being a fashion icon, you got style kid and lots of it

                       Right Side                       and the much loved left side