Aug 30, 2011

A case of the giggles

PB&J you started to giggle this past week and it melts my heart to hear! The first time it happened it was honestly like Christmas morning- Now this little video probably won't melt any one else's heart and after watching it one may wonder why I even posted it at all, but the new mother in me loves being able to experience all of your firsts with you! Suddenly the smallest things are the most miraculous and I am convinced that everything you do You Do better than other babies, or sooner, or smoother, or with more intent, or or or I am just crazy about you so I hype up everything you do! But I Love that you think I am funny and now laugh at our games.

Folks you'll have to ignore my annoying baby voice and noises in the video what can I say this kid makes me whacko



Jac Bishop said...

I was told by a friend that I would melt when I first heard my baby laugh. It seriously does melt your heart!

Alisha Joy said...

He's a baby genius for sure!!