Apr 27, 2010


This year we spent Easter at Grandma Clara's who hosts the triathlons of Easter Egg hunts. This year didn't disappoint! It was a scavenger hunt that required a GPS! You answered questions and through the questions you got your coordinate point for the next egg (pretty high tech) mean while you are racing against six other teams! Total I think it was around a 3 1/2 mile run.
I am glad to say that even though I was chosen second to last my team won! Woot-Woot!

Zada was cracking me up this trip with all of her poses

Easter morning we went on a hike up Bryce Canyon... thanks to Derek we were able to get in a little adventure too :)

Now, this was Deja's first Easter and I am not sure she liked it all that much. Easter morning as everyone was unloading all of their Easter basket goodies on the floor Deja walks right in the middle of the group and decides to "unload" herself. From there it turned into chaos and the echoing screams of Alisha saying, "River move your toys!" still rings in my ears today.

So, even though Deja isn't the best student she is quite the athlete so here is a video to demonstrate her mad hops and with this I will end this blog on a high note.

Apr 24, 2010

Kauai-a little late

Sorry, I am so behind the blogging scene! To catch you all up real quick during the month of March Sandy-ever so kindly- invited the family out to Kauai. Derek however had a lot on his plate with work and school and couldn't make it so my mom came with me in his stead.

It turned into a crafting, hiking, farmers market, Taylor camp adventure! Here are some picture highlights of the trip for your viewing pleasure.

Us girls hiking the Na Pali Coast and thanks to the rain storms it was beyond muddy. The best word to describe it would be would be quaggy- OK I looked that word up online I didn't actually know it off the top of my head

Tutu walked everyday to Taylor camp often with a row of grandchildren in tow. Here is Sophia looking like a MODEL in the Taylor camp river.

Crazy Grandpa and his beach antics

And here is all of the under water action that took place...

Thanks Tutu for all the family fun and memories. You are incredible, love you!