Aug 8, 2012


Washington how I love thee so let me count the ways!
I Love your beaches
Love your horses and wildlife
but most of all 

The long beach peninsula is home to the worlds longest garage sale so, you can imagine that there they garage sale with style! I have very few action pictures because while Derek was on a horse my sister in law and I were at a Garage sale.
Thanks Papa C for sharing your beloved Washington and love for a good sale with us :)

The festival Sandsations was in town the week we were there so we got see some world class sandcastles.

To show off a few of our many garage sale treasures here is my vintage $3 trunk 

And a score (a score only according to her :0) by Lori Sheranian is this 1950's doll we lovingly call Tina.
Tina loves to show up in your shower, around the corner of  four wheeling trails, in the middle of a dark rode at night, or lurking in stairwells... She was a little creepy but note in the pictures how she somehow manages to be everywhere . . .

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Shawn and Nina Olsen said...

Haha Tina is hilarious. And yes a little creepy too :) Porter is getting so big... I still have not even met him yet! What a stud.