Jan 19, 2011

Road Trip

According to my BabyBump App I am officially in what is known as the honeymoon period of my pregnancy. Which I guess means that I am feeling really good and I am not super huge yet so it is recommended that couples take a trip during this period kind of as a last hoorah!
So, we road tripped it to L.A for the Nu SKin kick off this last week then spent a few more days at the Cove. I am not the best road warrior but for whatever reason I really enjoyed being in the car. It was nice just being with Derek, my pile of movies, and cooler full of snacks and crafts.

We stayed at the Marriott and got upgraded to a suite which over looked the Nokia theatre and L.A Convention Center woot-woot !

The weather was wonderfully sunny and what's even better I was able to spend a day with my sister shopping and eating- my two favs.

Now I mentioned that I brought crafts to do in the car well I really only did one craft and that was knit a bunch of baby booties! I must be nesting...

Next we got a little more fun in the sun at Pirates Cove where I lazily lounged in the pool like a mini beached whale while Derek was very frustrated at the fact that he brought his new kite (a Christmas present) to fly thinking there is always some wind this time of year but much to my pleasure and his displeasure it was as calm as can be. He did get some good practice in on setting the giant thing up though

Derek liked that it looks like he is shooting my belly


Lyle and Mary: said...

Cute booties Mac. Your a woman of oh so many talents!
And happy belated birthday. Being a Dec. baby as well, I agree with the thumbs down on being born that month:)

Alisha Joy said...

Love the post! Love the Vitality photo! and kind of hoping you will knit me some woman sized booties, those look SOOOOOO cozy!

Sandie Tillotson said...

I finally see a baby bump! Jr is growing!
Love the baby booties and the Vitality shot (Yellowman shirt looks great) ..
LA and then Pirates was a good break from the cold anc overcast days of Utah..
Thanks for sharing!

Krista and Nate Lowe said...

you have inspired me to make booties for my baby too! i love them!

Pat & Donna said...

so sad that derek couldn't get the kite up.... NO wind it PC never heard of....... and love the baby bump, and the 3 of you in the vitality photo HILARIOUS!
and who knew you could Knit???? you are a renasaunce (sp?) woman!
all good!