Jan 5, 2012

New Years came on the bubble

The 'bugs' entered the New Year with his new found love for BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES.
He is weighing in at 13.5 pounds and 24 inches tall . . . meaning that he is no where on the charts . . . oh except that noggin which is still somewhere close to the 50% mark 

Derek and I agreed that the 'bugs' was the best part of this past year and that in 2012 our family will now take root. We decided we will spend and lend ourselves to this new family this coming year, and  before we could get into any details on what exactly that means - as in resolutions for this new year - we fell asleep. 

I am digging 2012 already


 'bugs' for the longest time you looked like your mama but I got to be honest you are turning into a spittin' image of your old man these days.  Here is to a new year and a new look that is all your dads

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Sandie Tillotson said...

yes I see some Derek in him now! Thanks for letting us share in the excitement of Christmas Morning ..with you all!