May 27, 2010

I gotta see a man... about a horse

The latest news here is Derek and Matt decided to Cowboy Up and get horses. They are two female 2 year old horses who are Zarah and the other is not quite named yet (so let me hear your best horse names).

This paint is the "Horse with no Name..."

This is Shae -transformed into the horse whisperer- training Zarah

As the training continues I will be sure to post any highlights as we saddle and ride them through out the summer!


Meg said...

first of all congrats. second maybe you should just stick to...No Name...maybe even "Trots with No Name" Or just have someone who is more creative than I come up with a magnificant name ;o)

DD said...

awesome! another horsemen
(& horsewoman) in our midst..... love it can't wait to see these fillies will they be at the ranch in July? So cool you guys, I knew you wouldn't stop at a dog..... lol
anytime ya wish me to babysit the girls, or take them for a jog.... I am so ready. very cool and happy for you, cowboy and girl up!

Brittney said...

So jealous! They look gorgeous! I kinda like no name, too. ^_^

Brittney said...
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