Nov 19, 2011

Madi's Bridal Shower

 My little sister Madi is getting married next month so my older sister and I decided to throw her a bridal shower in good sisterly fashion. I don't want to toot my own horn but . . . well I guess that's what this post is pretty much about, me throwing a super cute shower . . . If only I had done a better job taking pictures of it. There were drinks, and guests, and presents, I swear

Older sis made this banner

The invitation . . . if you were so lucky . . .

Spa party favor table

                                                                                The cute Bride herself opening her Ooo la-la's


   Each guest filled out a little advice for the bride to be

This is my ebay section! I LOVE ebay and I was able to score this 1950's Bride Bingo game for $3

      And thanks to ebay all her guests were able to stylishly enjoy their meal on their vintage snacks trays!                                                                                           I love these - Sigh 
While I am at it I should thank the D.I for all their picture frames that I spent days collecting. I spray painted them white and with chalkboard paint for place-cards . . . food cards? My mind is drawing a blank on the word

At the end of the event  the bugs was being a little fussy so Cito and my mom said they would take him. I can hear him from the other room fussing away then -SILENCE- I yell, "what are you guys doing in there" and my mom's timid voice replies, "Nothing . . ." I go running in and bugs is as content as can be CHOMPING up a sugar cookie! Leave to it to Grannie Annie and Cito to start him on sweets right away, I am pretty sure that's what she did to all of us kids and that's why we were all sooooo spastic as kids (see family videos for further A.D.D proof). 


Sandie Tillotson said...

So cute M'Kenzie..Toot Toot I am tooting a horn on how cute it all looked...Congratulations to your sister!

Lyle and Mary: said...

You are quite the amazing party planner!! Wish I could have been there. Maddie's blessed to have you for a sister.

Allie Waite said...

super cute!! i love the cookies haha