Oct 24, 2011

City Boy

'Bugs' you spent last week in NYC enjoying the view and shopping up a storm with mamma. We learned about stranger danger because every person in EVERY store, metro, or restaurant would try and touch you-eek! You're so cute that I can hardly blame them-well almost. Needless to say I think you adjusted to city life very well and enjoyed getting gussied up every day to go out in public. Today you seemed really bored now that we are back to our quiet Utah lives where you don't even make it out of your p.j's in a day

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Sandie Tillotson said...

Loved having you in the city ..and thanks for sharing a room with Auntie Sophia...she learned what it was like to have baby ..at night. Bugs has had quite a month..from ranch hand to city boy..you are a great mom M'Kenzie! I loved having Porter around long enough to see him "grow"
Loves ,
Tu Tu