Apr 4, 2009

Kenzie's Mad Skillz

M'Kenzie's Senior Art Show
This is my first post on this here blog. I usually handle the facebook side of life, while Kenzie man's the blog. She didn't want to "self-promote" so I am making this post to commemorate her massive accomplishments this year with art. She has spent hours and hours in poorly ventilated basements to produce this show. I couldn't be prouder! Especially considering the subject matter!! 
Everyone really enjoyed the show. I feel so lucky to have an artist in the family. The show will be up at Westminster until the end of the month, when Kenzie graduates! 


Sandie Tillotson said...

We are all glad there is another artist in the family..seems to me that you are an artist as well..I remember when you won an art show and had your work displayed at the Springville Art Museum..and I have a few of your "works of art" on the wall. I can see that M'Kenzie has brought us to a whole new level! Way to go 'Kenzie!

ALISHA JOY said...

Fabulous. Love you Kenzie!

Lyle and Mary: said...

Can we be the proud aunt and uncle?
Way to go Kenzie!! You have so many talents...your art is amazing,congratulations!

DD said...

thanks for letting us now about the next show! make sure you give us some dates so we can check it out!
Kenz your work is amazing!!!! really I love it!