Aug 18, 2009


This post is a little delayed but I eventually got around to it. A group of us went to Washington to enjoy all it has to offer. Each night we had themed dinners and our night was Cajun night which we did out at the Tree house, check out our Armenian Khorovatz

Next are pictures displaying activities enjoyed while there.

Horse riding is always a highlight but an added bonus this year was 4 baby horses, two of which were only days old!

and of course bear watching

The next highlight of Washington is the beach!

Best kite flying beach around

What's a beach without a fabulous bonfire! It was a huge fire so roasting marshmallows proved to be a little intense. Note the long mallow sticks

An ending highlight was the Salmon run this year. Some were able to go and catch fish for the rest of us not willing to wake up that early

Thanks Craig!


ALISHA JOY said...

I miss Washington SOOOOO much!!

Lisa and Mike said...

I can't believe how much its changed since I was there with you guys, what, 10 years ago!? That was such a fun trip. And it looks like it keeps getting better! Glad you had fun!

Sandie Tillotson said...

so sad we did not make it to the kite festival this year..we also did not make it to Lake Powell or Kauai..too many choices and not enough summer time. Is the tower finished?

DD said...

let me just say that you two make me smile, so glad you found each other, =) =)
Washington is such great place to kick back and enjoy the surrounds, each other and company...... I too am a Leadbetter fan..... and it looks like you made that trip all it could be! SO FUN!
love ya!