Dec 28, 2009

Christmas 2009!

OK so with blogging I realize there are certain things that you can never fully explain or capture and Christmas is one of those.
Nothing is better than hanging out with friends and family for days on end, all in the comfort of your P.J's. There are only things that can add to the better-ness like Arnie's gravy, chocolate eclairs, or puppies that won't come back in the house.

We spent the first part of Christmas Eve in Deer Valley with Derek's family.
Vander seems to be silently contemplating the meaning of Christmas

Pheonix and Brandon in their new ever-so-manly jackets

If anyone ever wonders how "crazy grandpa" got his name you need wonder no more. Here he is up to his usual antics.

After dinner it was time for p.j time!

Grandma and Grandpa Neaman, Tutu, and Crazy Grandpa with all their grandchildren/great grandchildren

Next Derek and I went down to my mom's house for another Christmas dinner!
I did a horrible job at documenting the event but the picture of Madi and my mom's white German Shepard Blue should adequately sum up the festivities.

Christmas morning!

Deja getting her cute new collar, which she didn't seem to appreciate all that much.

River with is first BB gun from Uncle Derek. The one and only Red Ryder

My new motorcycle jacket!!! LOVE IT!

River got a new rat from Santa!

Here is the end of Christmas 2009 which could not have been documented so superbly if it weren't for a new camera from Santa!

Now for whatever reasons present opening always wipes a person out, even if it was only a measly new collar nap time is always in order after presents.


ALISHA JOY said...

So fun having Christmas with you guys! Love ya! and that rascally dog too!

Sandie Tillotson said...

Thanks for being there Derek and M'Kenzie and Deja! We need you back up here to finish the jigsaw puzzle! Love you!

DD said...

now that's what I am talking about
Christmas with those you love and those who are part of You in every way and day....... Merry Christmas to you all love ya!