Jul 16, 2010

4th of July

Where to even begin! Every year Sandie puts on an incredible three day rodeo at her Bar B Ranch in Promise, Oregon. They design belt buckles, T-shirts, have a variety of activities ranging form a 3K run, to mutton busting, to barrel racing, and skeet shooting, all while serving 200 people breakfast and dinner daily. This years theme was all redneck which brought in some stiff competition for those coveted belt buckles.

Kicking off the Rodeo

Trina and I won our belt buckles doing the canoe race and it was a close call with Alisha and Kristy as our competitors. It looks like our early morning practice payed off!

Talent night was a new event this year and there are a lot of talented people in the family. Trina and Benny looked like they belonged on dancing with the stars, nothing says America's got talent like the Knights Gummy Bear number along with Sophia's acrobatics. Derek and I also put together a little number and are open to playing at weddings, birthdays -you name it- with our one and only song.

Derek and I doing the Ma and Pa Relay race which I think I need to bulk up for in order to compete next year

Deja being a good spectator

Everyone lined up for the kids mutton bustin' action

In honor of the Redneck theme this year they held a demolition derby, that's right you heard me there were about 10 cars competing and Derek was one of the drivers! I didn't get any pictures of the event because I was too nervous watching Derek get smacked around out there.

I don't think anyone was more excited about the redneck theme than my mom who proudly won a belt buckle for the most "redneck camp"

The last belt buckle event is always the mechanical bull. It had a new engine put in it this year making it pretty challenging to stay on.

There is no way I can do the Bar B Ranch 4th of July event justice over a blog. It is the trip Derek and I look forward to most all year long! Thank you Sandie for being so incredible, creative, and loving. We love you and love that we get to share all these wonderful memories with you.

Deja was so tired from all the running around that when it came time to go home she couldn't bring herself to get up and onto the plane


DD said...

Your right Sandie does the most spectacular july 4th extravaganza and this year Pat and I got to know you better and that was just icing on the cake! Yup good food, times and memories can't beat that! Looking forward to next year! hope Deja has recovered, funniest thing her sleeping on your lap in the plane! AHHHHH good times,

River said...

You are the best blogger EVER Kenzie! Love you and your mad up to date blogging ways!

River said...

ps... This is actually Alisha.