Mar 18, 2011

A baby shower that turned out to be a Hoot!

I just had to post a few photos from the darling baby shower that my mother in law/Sister in laws threw for me this week! You can gather from the invitation pictured above how adorably themed and decorated it was!

These where cute little owl cookies and nests filled with candy eggs- the nests where edible too!

I didn't take one picture all night so Thank You Tutu for taking pictures with my camera! Unfortunately since you did all the picture taking I don't have one shot of how dazzling you looked!

Some of my cute guests that showed up!

It really meant a lot to have such a great turnout and I wish I could tell everyone how much I appreciate their support and help with the shower . . . Oh wait I can . . . I better get on those Thank you's :)

Derek being the great hubby that he is showed up to help load gifts . . . OK and maybe to get some grub too.


Sandie Tillotson said...

Bruce and Todd provided the owls from their "owl collection"..Candi and Bersa prepared a delicious ..and the gifts were wonderful.
Thanks to all that came to celebrate with us!
Love from soon to be Tutu to the baby Tilltoson

Chad Waite said...

Ha, I love how Derek is looking so happy to be carrying a cradle swing.