May 19, 2011

Come One Come All

Since it has been raining for the past 3 days and I have been stuck in doors trying to avoid cleaning anything in the house I came up with a little crafting project to fill my time. You know me and how I love to work in a theme! So, in keeping with the baby nursery motif I decided (I know this seems over the top) to make little gift bags for any visitors we get in the hospital. 

These are the darling circus bags that I am filling with all sorts of goodies below

Since we have decided to wait on naming the baby until we see him I had to stick with Baby Tillotson on the ticket stubs... I think we have narrowed the names down to two which feels like a huge accomplishment!
 I hope these little bags will entice you all to come visit us in the hospital!


Sandie Tillotson said...

guess I had better come to the hospital so that I can get a gift darn cute! It was raining here in NYC too...
Nest away ...the baby is on its way

Lyle and Mary: said...

You are way to organized! You didn't come by it genetically from our side of the family:) Very Martha. Can't wait to see B.T.!

Alisha Joy said...

=) So cute! And you know I will be there . . . planning on getting the very first gift bag of the day! xoxoxoxo

Jill Manis said...

Haha MKenzie, you crack me up! People are supposed to bringing YOU and the baby gifts! However, those are stinkin' adorable and I love that.