Apr 9, 2012

Latest Happenings

You know what? I hear it all the time -and occasionally the truth of it will hit me- that life happens fast. The wittle man is now 11 months old and eating all kinds of food, getting haircuts, and wiggling up a storm. I have to ask myself when did this newborn baby grow up into an almost 1 year old?
Big sigh. Head shaking side to side. 

His bangs have now been cut into a nice roman hair style (new haircuts always need a week before they look right) and I left him over night for the first time. For 5 days! Leaving a baby is such a bitter sweet feeling. Part of you is jumping for joy at the idea of sleeping in and the other part is yelling that you are missing something really great! What if he giggles today and I miss it? 
Truth be told though I had the most incredible girls trip to NYC and it really was a once in a life time trip. My mother in law surprised me by graciously letting us stay at her incredible home.  I can't thank her enough for giving us such a great view. We all felt incredibly lucky to be able to wake up to every morning to it.

Of course this year has been the year of 'firsts' for us as parents and for Porter.
So, here is Porter's first Easter.

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Sandie Tillotson said...

time sure flies..thanks for stopping by today! Loved seeing Porter doing all the scooting around