Nov 13, 2013

2 weeks

 This is a 2 week family photo shoot we did after Beckett was born. My sister Madi has suddenly become this budding photographer out of no where...which is handy for me! I get to have these keepsakes to help me remember my life back when my family was growing.  Her work can be viewed at

My life is all boy. I have two little boys, one big boy, and a dog who is a girl, but I have to be honest she is pretty manly.
I've got two new best buds to hang out with everyday and they have my whole heart. I can tell the joy they will bring me throughout life is something I can't even comprehend. My life already feels so rich. It's only the start.
Every morning Beckett is in bed with me when Porter comes crawling in to snuggle. This morning ritual is almost spiritual. I look at my two kids in my bed, laying side by side. Watching their little bodies wiggle and breath and I feel it every time. This intense urge to touch and kiss them, to smother them. This mother's love . . . thing . . .  that makes my chest ache and my arms feel empty now.


Sandie Neaman said...

I love these photos M"kenzie..I need a few of these 8 X 10 and a few 5 X 7s of the family…
Love the love you feel for show towards those boys of yours…all three of them!!


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