Jan 29, 2014

New Years on the Beach

The year started with fireworks and a movie on the beach. The perfect ending to a brand new beginning. 

It's my time once a year to take time to invest in myself  and also be forgiving of myself.

It's been a really long time since I have made any sort of resolutions. This year I feel like I need to do it. And if I make it public I might be able to track them better or remember them throughout the year. Plus I realize that if I want a well rounded family I need to be a well rounded mom, who is still growing and pushing myself.

Read one religious book a year
 Take singing lessons
Complete one journal a year
Look for moments each day - highlights
Spend one on one time with each child
Cook meals from scratch: really try hard to cut out processed foods in the home
Put down my iPhone after 8 each night

Most importantly this year let's all breath a little slower, give ourselves a break, remember that sometimes doing nothing is doing something,  and go ahead and have those french fries every once in a while.

p.s mermaids really do exist on the island of Kauai


Sandie Neaman said...

what a great time we had ringing in the New Year. Good resolutions M'Kenzie!

RaShae said...

Looks so fun! I love your resolutions, thanks for sharing it was a good reminder. hmm and I need a mermaid tail!

Rafa said...

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