Aug 22, 2008


Derek has childhood memory upon childhood memory about his summer adventures in Kauai. So, for me this was the beginning of experiencing a place that felt like a piece of Derek's imagination.

One of the first things we did while there was an eleven mile hike along the Napoli coast. We had a boat drive us as close to shore as we could get. Then we had to jump off and swim to shore before beginning the hike out. A camper had started a fire along the trail and we hiked through sections where it was charred on both sides of us.

Our other activities uncluded...

Me getting Scuba certified and Derek catching waves

my canoeing style

...and Derek's

On one of our hikes we happened upon this baby pig who was unsuccessfully trying to conceal himself along the side of the trail in a pile of leaves.

Last but not least all of the waterfalls

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Anonymous said...

You guys are so stinkin cute together!!!! Yes i said stinkin
Love ya always