Aug 31, 2008

Natural Gas Vehicles

Are you sick and tired of paying eighty dollars a fill up?

Are you fed up with having to change your oil every three thousand miles?

Have you seen the ice caps lately?

Well-we haven't either but we did hit our hippie phase of life with our new car.

This is what our new gas station pumps look like...a little rickety and like they might blow up when you use it.

The nozzle may look a bit different but so did the price...

The cost of our last fill up was $4.36, which is about a gallon of premium gas!

This is how the actual pump works instead of holding down a lever to fill your car you turn a valve from vent to fill. Then you hear a series of pressure releases which sound as if the car might combust. But, with prices like this we can say goodbye to our starving student days.


ALISHA JOY said...

Wowsers. Look at you guys go. Cool car!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!! talk about saving money i need to get one of those

emily said...

Hey Derek and M'Kenzie! My name is Emily Newman and I run the wedding blog, Once Wed. I stumbled upon your blog after seeing your AMAZING wedding on another site and had a quick question about your reception. I couldn't find any contact info on your blog, so do you mind sending me a quick email at oncewed at gmail dot com when you have a moment? I would so appreciate it!



Sandie Tillotson said...

you guys are doing your part to save the ice cap..congratulations! I am proud of your decision to remind us all that fuel conservation begins with "us"

Kirill said...

Haha KEnzie, Derek, you guys motivated me and today i was reading all about the ngv Civics=)
Haha When are you going to update your blog, by the way?=)