May 30, 2009


So here is the proof that I really Graduated! Today was the commencement ceremony that lasted 3 hours, a pretty long procession. Now the funny thing about my specific degree is that there are not many of us (as in 4) in the program. So, as they had each area of degrees; B.A, B.S, MA, MBA etc..  stand in turn and move the tassel from the right to left we realized that there was only the 4 of us with the BFA and that we would really have some time in the lime light as we were the smallest group there to walk across the stage.

This is the aftermath shots of all those supportive family members that could tough out the ceremony. Tonight we are packing and leaving for Armenia tomorrow morning until the 19th of June so you will have to check out the Armenian adventures that are soon to come!


DD said...

congrads! Have a blast in Armania! again Congrads! You always make me smile......... the photos are great

Sandie Tillotson said...

so proud of our "Kenzie" all of the women in the family have a college go Derek go!

Danielle said...

Congradulations sis! Good job... now time to get another degree.. j/k school never ends. take a break. Proud of you sis!

ALISHA JOY said...

CONGRATS!! Love you, proud of you!

Lyle and Mary: said...

Congratulations M'Kenzie!!! You make your aunties proud.
Hope your having a great trip, and you don't have to much jet lag so you can make it to the wedding festivities.

Kirill said...

Yeah to Kenzie and Derek!
Love you guys!
Thank you for your friendship.
Watching your blog is inspiring yo me=)
Great job Kenzie!

Daly said...

That's awesome!! Congratulations M'Kenzie. I know it takes dedication, perseverance and a lot of work (--stuff I wish I had so I can complete my program, LOL)!!