May 27, 2009

Pirate's Cove

Before Graduation and our trip to Armenia we were able to sneak away to Pirate's Cove for the week to catch some sun and build our business with scheduled meetings everyday.
I may have not done as much business as I could have... you're all secretly calling me a slacker

I just had to put this in because one of my most favorite things about Derek is the amount of creativity he puts into everything he does, even turning his watermelon slice into a perfect rendition of Delicate Arch.

This trip Derek showcased his diving skillz but to add to the entertainment a few friends came over to dive who are currently divers in the Cirque du Soleil show O.  We captured them live because it was so impressive

It was one of the most business oriented trips that we have had so there are not many shots of the action but as always the cove never disappoints 


Britton said...

I love the arch. Derek, somehow you're able to pull off the coveted achievements of a slacker while accomplishing twice as much as the rest of us. Well done.

Sweet videos M'Kenzie! I'm jealous. Let me know if you guys ever need a Boulder Bellhop.

DD said...

awesome video......... and Kenzie, I know who keeps Derek on task and on his toes...... you guys are the perfect team, love ya