Jun 24, 2011

1 Month

Wow time is flying! You are already 1 month old and onto bigger and better things, OK it's still mainly sleeping and eating but soon you'll be onto new things. . . or so the baby books say.

We have many nick names for you but the two that are the most widely used are PB&J and I have taken to calling you bug-a-boo a lot these past few weeks.

You like to make noise constantly (even when you are sleeping) and the most common noise you make is a series of little squeaks! We jokingly say we have a mouse in the house now,especially at night when we are trying to sleep and we can here you in the other room squeaking away into the night.

You are now a studio baby and like to hang in your bouncy chair-squeaking-while I paint

Also this last month I have caught you sucking your two middle fingers! I was a big time thumb sucker and know how habit forming it can be :)

Deja seems to not mind you all that much. She loves to give kisses and when we let her give you baby kisses you open your mouth real wide . . . It is kinda disturbing

Your two talents are squeaking and sucking on anything near your mouth.
Dad thinks it's hilarious to trick you when you are hungry by putting his nose near your mouth which you furiously try eating

So there it is a little re-cap of your one month life accomplishments


Sandie Tillotson said...

Goodness he is growing up so dang fast..Glad I get to see all three of you soon at the Bar B!

Blakely and Lindsey said...

He is so cute! I can't wait to come to Utah and meet him. PS Lindsey is really mad that you stole the name Porter. It was at the top of our list :)


So dang cute!!