Jun 14, 2011

Two weeks

Here you are sweet wittle man at the 2 week mark. Life with you as a newborn has been exciting, exhausting, lovable, loud, overwhelming, and unforgettable. I am loving us and our daily routine we are in.

I frequently sing made up songs to you, the most frequent being your milk face song which is a knock off of a hit song, but it goes a little something like-"Your milk face brings all the girls to the yard and they're like it's better than yours ect... or I have a fussy face song that is sung to the random tune of the South Pacific "Happy Talk" and it goes a little something like this- "fussy fussy fussy face. Talk about things you like to fuss about. You like to fuss a lot cause if you don't fuss a lot how we going to make your dreams come true" There are several verses and I am pretty sure you think I am the cookiest person around.

Any ways you are growing up fast and have already gained a pound and grown an inch but you are still not quite big enough to fit into more than 5 outfits :)

And thank you Toni for helping us capture your little baby face!

had to post one of our first baby Deja


RaShae said...

I take it Porter doesn't like his hat I made him. But he sure looks studly in it! Such cute pics!

kassie said...

adorable and sweet. motherhood suits you well :)

Alisha Joy said...

L. O. V. E. this!!

Lyle and Mary: said...

Your pictures are beautiful!