Jul 17, 2011

First time to the beach

Derek went out of town for a couple weeks for work so me and the little man decided to have a vaca of our own! We went up to Washington so that PB&J could see the ocean for the first time... not sure if he ever really saw it because he seems to be sleeping in almost all the beach shots!

                    An added bonus while being there is that cousin River was there to hang out with!        

Plus with all of his beach antics we were entertained for hours.

Now this was also Deja's first time on the beach and as you can see the sand gave her added traction to chase down River

Below all the boys are gathering wood to make our beach bonfire

Here is the finished product ready to be lit!

This is the end product ...

Here are some nature highlights of Washington! Most of these were taken from a trotting horse so they may not be perfectly cropped

Crazy Grandpa and River riding on the beach

An eagle that I tried to get while pointing and shooting on a galloping horse so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that I got it on the screen!

                                      Uh...yeah my dog trying to catch the eagle

A favorite activity is bear watching in Washington. This trip we saw 2-Yippee! 

and as you can see all the adventures exhausted a little man

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