Jul 24, 2011

Pirates Cove

We just got back from a fun filled family week to Pirates Cove where we celebrated Sophia's 14th birthday, our 3rd year anniversary, and Pb&J went swimming in a pool for the first time.

More than anything we had a blast being able to spend quality time with everyone especially our niece and nephews.  You can only explain Pirates Cove in  so many words so Derek using his GoPro cam (best birthday present I think I've ever got him) followed the kids around as they ran amuck and made this video out of the footage.


Sandie Tillotson said...

Great video coverage..good job Derek!

Alisha Joy said...

Hahaha. Loved the footage Diesel taking Phoenix down the slide... Looked a little off kilter there. haha

Michelle said...

I kept thinking...I know this song, where do I know this song?! I thought, 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'Goonies', 'Harry Potter'...and then I think I finally figured it out...'Hook'?

What a cute idea, though! It looks fun!